An extensive two-day course for experienced OpenInsight developers. Here is an overview of what you will learn how to do:

  • Develop applications using the features of O4W such as forms, reports, pop-ups, and menus
  • Customize your applications using commuter modules
  • IIS and EngineServer configuration
  • Effectively deploy your applications

Course Outline
Module 1 Introduction, Terms and Concepts
Module 2 Configuring IIS 
Module 3 Creating O4W Users
Module 4 Crating O4W Forms
Module 5 Creating O4W Reports
Module 6 Creating O4W Dashboards
Module 7 Creating O4W Menus
Module 8 Calling Forms, Reports, Dashboards and Procedures
Module 9 O4W Commuter Modules
Module 10 Introduction to the O4W Application Program Interface (API)
Module 11 Course Summary

For more information, please call (201) 594-1422 or (800) 262-4747. In Europe or Africa, please call: +44 (0)208 912 1000.  In Asia, please call: +64 (9) 534 9134.