Revelation Software specializes in tools that enable the rapid development and easy deployment of packaged and custom line-of-business applications. Revelation provides developers with environments where applications can be cost-effectively maintained and evolved. 

Revelation has created a product line of deployment tools for the OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation developer. OpenInsight and Advanced Revelation are market-leading environments for the design, development, maintenance and deployment of a robust class of business applications.

The following definitions are important to understanding your deployment options:

  • Standalone applications are deployed to individual workstations for single users.
  • Multi-user applications are deployed to a file server for multi-user access with locking.
  • Runtime deployment offers users the ability to view and run an application without the capability to make any changes or modifications to the application.
  • Development-ready deployment offers users access to all development features which lets them make changes to the application and/or perform database administration.

The following describes briefly some of the deployment features and products that are offered by Revelation:

  • The OpenInsight Runtime Deployment Kit (RDK) enables developers to create standalone, runtime or development-ready applications. The RDK is also used to create maintenance releases and upgrades for your applications. The RDK is delivered as a feature of the OpenInsight Works subscription.
  • The Network User License (OI 9.x and above)/Server Deployment Pack (OI 8.x and below) licenses multiple users to access a runtime class or developer class application installed on a network. All non-runtime licenses are subject to an annual license renewal fee.
  • The Web User License licenses a large number of web browsers to access a runtime or development-ready application from a web server.

This paper is a valuable deployment resource to assist both developers and users in understanding Revelation Software’s deployment options. This resource also describes our licensing requirements. Our licensing guidelines ensure that we receive fair value for our innovations and have the resources to provide an ongoing continuum of development capabilities.