Revelation Newsletter September 2010

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OpenInsight 9.2.1 is in development and will include a new Version Control module as well as the inclusion of O4W release 1.1. Below is a list of some of the new features included with O4W 1.1:

  • A new Theme Selector has been added to the O4W Configuration Maintenance screen. The dropdown displays the Theme's name and sample view. Once selected, the Theme on the current page is changed for you to see the theme in action
  • Form Runner now supports "OI Form Mode". This mode allows for standard OpenInsight File and QBF menu access in O4W
  • Added "history" functionality, allowing browser "back" and "forward" buttons
  • Added the ability to use combo boxes in the Form Wizard
  • Java script routines and communication with AJAX changed to better allow for dynamic addition of inline styles, style sheets and images
  • Report Wizard has an option to select a pagination/sorting routine to use
  • Report Runner has the added ability to download xml/csv/pdf of "drilled-down" values
  • Logout choice added to static menu
  • New APIs have been added, including APIs for creating buttons with icons and text, encoding strings to particular requirements and for Color/Date/Time pickers
  • Added new static menu for PHP connector
  • All of the templates have been revised for improved compliance with "strict" HTML standards
  • Form Wizard has the added ability to choose an existing OI form as the source for an O4W form
  • Menu Wizard has the added ability to set permission on individual elements of the menu
  • Report Wizard has the added ability to choose an existing OI Report Builder report as the source for an O4W report


Did you know...
That you can change the look of your O4W forms and reports.

With the recent release of OpenInsight 9.2, our new O4W web development tool is finally available for everyone to use. One of the key design goals for O4W is to be flexible and configurable; that’s why it’s built on the widely-supported jQuery open source toolkit. One of jQuery’s features is the ability to quickly change the look of a web page by changing which jQuery user interface “theme” is selected - and O4W developers and users can take advantage of this feature to change the look of their O4W screens in the same way.

You specify which theme you want jQuery (and thus O4W) to use on the O4W Configuration Screen. Bring up the O4W Configuration Screen (either in O4W from the main menu, or from within OpenInsight using the RTI_O4W_CFG form), and on the “scripts” tab press either the “on-line” or “off-line” button to set the default “core script” to the “on-line” version of jQuery hosted by Google’s servers (on the Google Content Delivery Network, or CDN), or the “off-line” copy of jQuery that’s distributed with O4W. READ ON...


Are you a MultiValue user or developer that needs to bring some of your applications to the browser? Do you have a need or desire to bring all or part of your application to the web while still using the BASIC language you know and love?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are cordially invited and urged to attend the Houston leg of the Revelation Road Show.

Tuesday September 14th, 2010
Breakfast at 8:30am
Conference from 9:00am until 1:00pm
Doubletree Hotel
Houston Intercontinental Airport
15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Houston, TX 77032

Attendance is free, for more information clickHERE.

MVP Software Scores With Online Sports Scheduling Application
Revelation Software's new O4W module supports new web application for high school sports management.
By Joyce Wells
Imagine the job of a high school athletic director - juggling the full spectrum of seasonal sports, planning for fields, gymnasiums and pools, transportation to the events, as well as the assignment and fees of the officials, timekeepers, scorers, security, and other necessary personnel, for all of freshman, JV, and Varsity teams - all with little, if any, staff. Add to that mix, the inevitable last-minute scheduling changes that occur due to inclement weather and there is the potential for some very unhappy students, coaches and parents if those changes are not shared in a timely manner.

MVP Software eases this burden with Sportspak, a software application which provides game scheduling and official assignment management to a league, conference or district-wide office, and a more recent product, SportspakAD, which serves the needs of high school athletic directors by providing modules for student athletes, teams and rosters, equipment, coaches' certifications, awards, budgets inventory, facilities and alumni. A third product, Sportspak.Online can be used with either Sportspak or SportspakAD, allowing a central office or school to publish current, up-to-the minute game schedules, personalized directions, news, and web links to the public. It allows officials to submit their availability and retrieve and confirm their own assignments from the web. Coaches and athletic directors can get contact information of other schools, view the current status of their coach's certification expiration and completion dates, and after each game post game stats and rate the officials.

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