Revelation Newsletter June 2010

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Mike Ruane of Revelation Software has recently completed making presentations to a number of MultiValue User Groups in Seattle, Dallas, and Denver. The attendees were usually comprised of users of other MultiValue products, as well as Revelation users.

At most of the presentations, Mike showed the OpenInsight connector technologies: theU2D3, and SQL connectors, as well as the new OPENINSIGHT FOR WEB (O4W) toolkit. The presentations seem to have been well received, as many of the attendees downloaded an evaluation version of OpenInsight following the presentations.

Road Shows have been scheduled for Australia and New Zealand. The Auckland, New Zealand Road Show has been scheduled for Thursday, August 19, 2010 and the Sydney, Australia Road Show will take place on Monday, August 23, 2010. We will post venue information on our web site shortly.

Celebrate the end of the school year by registering for our Fall Classes. Enroll in an OpenInsight or O4W Development Course during the months of July and August 2010 and bring a co-worker along for free! That's right for FREE! All classes must be completed by December 31, 2010. This offer expires on August 31, 2010. Please contact our Customer Care Department at (800) 262-4747 to register. The "Introduction to Development in OpenInsight" course has been updated to provide an overview of OpenInsight 9.2 features. New to the schedule is "An Introduction to OpenInsight for Web (O4W)". CLICK HERE FOR OUR FALL CLASS SCHEDULE.

We are in the final phases of beta testing for OpenInsight 9.2. General release of the product is expected to be July 15, 2010.

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Tech Tips
Did you know...
That the OECGI3 executable being delivered with OpenInsight 9.2 and above supports Failover and Load Balancing modes. These modes make OECGI3 a more robust connection object and allows for extra capacity and/or redundancy to be added to a web application. A new OECGI3 registry setting, MultipleServers, controls whether OECGI3 operates in Failover (0) or Load Balancing Mode (1).

In Failover mode, you supply OECGI3 with a list of ServerURL's and ServerPort's that are available. OECGI3 attempts to connect to the first ServerURL/ServerPort in the list. If the connection is unsuccessful then OECGI3 will continue on to the next ServerURL/ServerPort in the list until a successful connection is made. If all connection attempts fail, then the SYSDOWNPAGE page is returned.

In Load Balancing mode, you supply OECGI3 with a list of ServerURL's and ServerPort's that are available. OECGI3 will randomly choose a ServerURL/ServerPort from the list available, and then attempt to connect to that server. If the connection fails, OECGI3 will move to the next ServerURL/ServerPort in the list, "looping" through the list until it is back at the originally selected URL/Port combination, at which point OECGI3 will return the SYSDOWNPAGE page.

You can download the OECGI3.EXE Installation and Configuration Quick Start Guide HERE.



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