2011 International Spectrum Conference Wrapup

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The 2011 Spectrum International Conference, held in Palm Beach, Florida has just concluded, Revelation Software was an active participant. Attendance at the conference was up from previous years, and as this was the first time the show had been held on the East Coast in a long while, there were a number of new faces and companies at the show. 
Nathan Rector kicked off the show with a keynote address, and then we were off to the races. At any given point there could be up to four concurrent tracks, each espousing some new technology, idea, or technique. Sessions included web technology, Android programming, and web-based applications, just to name a few.

Bob Catalano of Revelation Software gave a presentation entitled ‘Browser-based Reporting and Graphing for your MultiValue Data’ and the room was full. Bob explained the theory and practice behind using O4W as a browser-based reporting tool, and then showed reports and dashboards. Later that evening, at the Exhibit Hall sneak preview, Bob was surrounded with attendees clamoring for another look and some more information.

Mike Ruane of Revelation Software gave a presentation entitled ‘Browser-based Data Entry for your MultiValue Data’, and it too had a full house. In this session, Mike showed how O4W data entry forms could be created against OpenInsight, D3, or U2 data, easily and quickly. Mike also made a point of how existing MV Basic code could be reused throughout the process, so developers did not have to reinvent the wheel.

At the Exhibit Hall later that day, the Revelation booth was hopping with activity as demos were given on both OpenInsight, and O4W. A special guest was also in the booth – Janet Cioffi, VP of Sales for TigerLogic, the makers of D3, and the original Pick Systems. Janet talked with a number of attendees regarding D3, OpenInsight, and upcoming one-day D3 conferences.


As the show wound down, it was apparent that there was more excitement this year than at the past few shows. Revelation Software was able to reconnect with some old friends, show our wares to some new customers, and may have started some new partnerships. We extend our congratulations to Nathan Rector and the rest of the International Spectrum staff on a job well done.