Database Connector Technology - Revelation CEO Interrogated for the Answers

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During a visit to the UK Mike Ruane, CEO of Revelation Software, was kidnapped by Elkie Holland of Prospectus IT Recruitment for an informative interview. She questions Mike about the new data source connectors and future of Revelation Software. The interview with Elkie takes place on the Thames and Mike is given the choice; answer the questions or swim! Mike divulges information about the U2, Universe, UniData, D3, and SQL connectors for leveraging the OpenInsight development environment against other databases. The 4 minute video is a fun, yet informative, summary of new technology and corporate vision at Revelation Software.

When he was freed from his captivity on the Thames and safely in the office Mike produced the a SQL Connector Technology Demonstration video. It highlights OpenInsight as a development environment by connecting to a SQL database