Database Management System
Advanced Revelation is an award winning DOS development environment that is distinguished by unrivaled flexibility in application development and robust, multi-user data access. Advanced Revelation combines a powerful and flexible database management system with a suite of professional development tools including: forms designer, report writers, and a Basic compatible programming language. 

Advanced Revelation is a complete relational database management system for PCs, LANs and client/server applications. Advanced Revelation provides the critical building blocks that ensure unrivaled flexibility in application development and robust multi-user data access. Advanced Revelation is fully programmable and scalable to handle even your most demanding application development needs. Advanced Revelation is the best database management system for your needs now and for years to come.

These critical features get the job done:

  • Rapid application development environment
  • Professional programming tools
  • Enterprise data access
  • Network and client/server compatible

Rapid application development environment
You will find that Advanced Revelation has a familiar look and feel, thanks to its common user access (CUA) compliant interface. Advanced Revelation contains such CUA standard features as full mouse support with floating cursor, and scroll bars, buttons and close boxes on popups and windows.

Sample databases and an example application make it easy for you to learn how to work with Advanced Revelation immediately.

Advanced Revelation's template-driven environment speeds you through prototyping, designing and implementing your application. This streamlined process requires no programming.

Professional programming tools
Advanced Revelation combines a relational database management system with a suite of powerful tools, including a robust 4GL programming language with ANSI SQL support.

The active data dictionary simplifies application maintenance by centralizing data validation rules. The dictionary also allows you to define data without defining the physical structure of a file. This feature allows you to easily propagate changes throughout your system.

Other features include a report generator, a form creation tool, variable record length architecture and multi-value fields.

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