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POPUP Changes

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The venerable Popup function has undergone something of a total rewrite for version 10, mainly in order for it to deal with High DPI displays and the new EditTable interface, but we’ve also added a few things along the way.  Here’s a list of what’s new so far:

  • The Popup window is now multi-instance
  • The Popup window can be resized
  • The Popup window is now handled correctly on multi-monitor displays
  • Added support for a “custom” button
  • Added support for an initialization callback procedure
  • Standard keyboard support

Custom button support

it is now possible to specify both the text to appear on a custom button, and the name of a stored procedure to execute when it is clicked.

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Custom Popup button

The stored procedure is expected to be a subroutine and accept a single parameter, which is the fully-qualified name of the Popup EditTable containing the data.

Initialization callback procedure

It is now possible to specify a stored procedure that will be called during the popup loading process at the following points:

  • After each page of data is inserted into the popup
  • Before the popup is made visible
  • After the popup is made visible

The stored procedure is expected to be a subroutine and accept two parameters:

  1. The fully-qualified name of the Popup EditTable containing the data
  2. A value indicating the loading stage:
* // Initialization proc constants
equ PINITPROC_INSERTROWS$  to 1 ; * // Rows have just been inserted
equ PINITPROC_BEFORESHOW$  to 2 ; * // Popup is about to be shown
equ PINITPROC_AFTERSHOW$   to 3 ; * // Popup has just become visible

Standard keyboard support

Depending on the options enabled for the popup the following standard keyboard shortcuts will be enabled:

  • F9 – Save (for you Arev aficionados)
  • Ctrl-P – Print
  • Ctrl-A – Select All for multi-select popups
  • Ctrl-F – Show the Search dialog
  • F3 – Find Next
  • Shift-F3 – Find Previous

Improved ‘Empty’ Appearance

The EditTable control within the popup now uses it’s new EMPTYTEXT property to display a “No results” message (This message can also be customized if you wish).

Empty Popup

Empty Popup

(EDIT: 28 Mar 16 – Added Empty Popup Screenshot)

(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).

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