OpenInsight 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch v3 released

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This zip file contains an updated RevelationDotNetSetup.msi, RevelationDotNetSetup.exe, revjapi.dll, OESocketServer.jar, OInsight.exe and an OpenInsight RDK, for use in OpenInsight 9.4.0 systems. This patch replaces the original "Roll Up" Patch v1 released on March 3, 2016 and the second "Roll Up" Patch v2 released on March 8, 2016, and includes all the previous fixes for OpenInsight 9.4:

BUTTONDOWN Event Handler Patch for OI 9.4

SQL Connector Patch for OI 9.4 v2

Buffer Overflow Error Patch for OI 9.4 v2

RevelationDotNet 9.4 "Roll Up" Patch


O4W Validation Patch for OI 9.4

QBF Patch for OI 9.4

Arev32 Descending Sort Issue Patch for OI 9.4 v2

Single Sign On Patch for OI 9.4

CTODICT.MFS Patch for OI 9.4 v2

Arev32 Conversion Utility Patch for OI 9.4

Socket Functions Patch for OI 9.4

O4W Popup Patch for OI 9.4

Base64 Encode/Decode Patch for OI 9.4

PREVVAL Patch for OI 9.4

O4WGRAPHDATA Patch for OI 9.4

RTICDOMAIL Patch for OI 9.4

Banded Report Writer Patch for OI 9.4 v2

Engine Server Patch for OpenInsight 9.4

Listbox Patch for OpenInsight 9.4

Works members can download this "Roll Up" Patch from the Works Downloads section of the web site.

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