Arev32-CTO Indexed Fields Patch for OI 94 released

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Some users may experience problems when using AREV32/CTO tables that contain indexed fields, where the field names use delimiters that are no longer acceptable in OpenInsight (such as periods – "."). In particular, this issue will generate an error (IDX_SETS or REDUCTION errors) under the following circumstances:

1. The table was created in AREV32 or CTO;
2. The table contains indexed fields;
3. The field(s) that are indexed have names that contain "invalid characters" (for example, "CUSTOMER.NAME");

To resolve this issue, AREV32, CTO, and OpenInsight routines have been updated to first resolve the field name(s) to their "acceptable", OpenInsight names before attempting to process them further.

Works members can download this patch from the Works Downloads section of the web site.