OECGI4 for OpenInsight 9.4 released

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OpenInsight 9.4 developers who wish to take advantage of OECGI4’s ability to process RESTful commands can install the attached files into their OI folders. The zip file contains OECGI4.EXE, an initial OECGI4.REG that can be used to set up OECGI4’s registry settings, OECGI4P.PHP (for PHP users), and an initial OECGIP.INI that can be used to set up OECGI4P’s initialization file. NOTE: OECGI4.EXE is a 64 bit executable, and as such it will only run on a 64bit Windows system. Also, its registry settings will be contained in the normal registry tree (at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\REVSOFT\OECGI4) rather than in the 32/64 subtree (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\REVSOFT\OECGI4).

Developers who are using OpenInsight 10 will already have the OECGI4.EXE, OECGI4.REG, OECGI4P.PHP, and OECGIP.INI files contained here; in addition, there is also an enhanced “listener routine” (RUN_OECGI_REST_REQUEST) that can be used and that will provide you access to the additional REST URL fragments.

Works members can download OECGI4 for OpenInsight 94 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

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