OpenInsight Development Suite 10.1.0 Update

This is an update of Revelation Software’s flagship product OpenInsight Development Suite v10.1.0. OpenInsight 10.1.0 includes:

    • OpenInsight for Web (O4W)
    • OpenInsight Management Console
    • SQL Connector
    • MultiValue Connector
    • Cloud Based Filing System
    • OpenInsight Git
    • NetOI / RevDotNet
    • OpenInsight Converter Utility
    • OECGI4
    • Arev64
    • Character to OpenInsight (CTO),
    • OpenInsight Authentication Module
    • OpenInsight Single Sign-On
    • OpenInsight Banded Report Writer
    • OpenInsight Presentation Server

Major Changes in the OpenInsight 10.1.0 Release

Please note that several older Windows platforms (specifically, Windows 7 and Windows 2012 Server) reached "end of life" at the beginning of 2020, and are no longer supported platforms for OpenInsight 10.1

OpenInsight 10.1 includes changes to the background indexing processes - specifically, background index updates will now use the rebalance method to update indexes if a large number of rows need to be updated at one time. The rebalance functionality reads the index into memory, applies updates and updates changed records.  We recommend that users configure OpenInsight10.1 applications to use "update before query" and "update before btree" environment settings, and (for multiuser systems) a background indexer. As a reminder, an OpenInsight background indexer can be launched by using a DOS command like “RevEngineHost.exe /I <APPNAME>” or by configuring the EngineServer to run background indexing as a recurring task.

O4W is now a repository type (it had previously been a repository class). Entities will be converted, if needed, during the conversion process (OI 9.x to OI 10.1) or upgrade process (OI 10.0.x to OI 10.1).  This change should be transparent to most developers and all users, unless you have code that specifically accesses O4W entities.  If so, that code will need to be updated for the 10.1 release.

OpenInsight's RLIST functionality and performance, improved with the 10.0.7 release, now uses the new version of RLIST (RLISTX) by default.  If you wish to configure your system to use legacy RLIST behavior, you must create or update a configuration record in SYSENV. Using the Record Editor, or the Configuration Record option from the OI Console, you must create a CFG_RTI_RLIST record in SYSENV, with RLIST9 in field 1.  If this record doesn’t exist, or has anything other than RLIST9 in field 1, then enhanced RLIST behavior ("RLIST X") and functionality will remain.  (Note that the CFG_RTI_RLIST information is cached by your system; after changing this value, you should exit and re-enter OpenInsight).

OpenInsight versions since 10.0.8 now optionally install an open-source version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  During the installation process, you can choose to either install this open-source version, or - if you have a different version of Java already on your system, or you wish to manually install a version of Java - you can opt to NOT install the open-source version.  Note that the open-source version installed via the installation process does not update your system paths; rather, it puts the JRE directly inside the OpenInsight folder.  Both the commands (batch files) to install the EngineServer service, and to run the Engine Server in "debug" mode, are aware of the location of the JRE and thus do not require modifications to the workstation's/server's environment settings.  If you are running an Engine Server service, please pay particular attention if you are switching between included and self-installed java - you should uninstall your existing Engine Server service before installing the new OpenInsight 10, and re-install the service after installing the new java (included or self-installed).


NOTE: This version of OpenInsight 10 (10.1.0) targets Microsoft’s .Net framework version 4.7.  Certain versions of Windows (for example, those running Windows 10 version 1507 or earlier) may have difficulty installing the .Net 4.7 framework.  Before you install the next release of OpenInsight 10, please ensure that all required systems have been upgraded to .Net 4.7.  For more information, see this:



Works Members can download OpenInsight 10.1.0 from the Works Downloads section of our web site.