In May of this year, Mike Ruane, President of Revelation Software visited with a number of users and customers in Australia and New Zealand. Upon arrival in Sydney on Monday May 14th, Mike met with David Goddard, Managing Director of Revelation Australia. They then met with representatives of TVSN, Australia’s Television Shopping Network. TVSN uses OpenInsight extensively, and the group discusses their needs and future plans. 

The following day, there was a meeting of Revelation Users and Customers in Darling Harbour, Sydney. After some tea and coffee, waiting for the twenty or so attendees to arrive ( more than had been planned for) David made some introductions, and then Mike began reviewing the state of Revelation Software, plans for the OpenInsight 9.3.2 release, the OpenInsight 10.0 release, and then began O4W training. After a delicious lunch, Mike continued with training for OpenInsight’s Banded Report Writer. After a quick drink in the bar, it was off to the airport and Melbourne, where on Thursday Mike and Dave met with another OpenInsight customer all day, had dinner with colleagues from the Revelation world, and met with more customers on Thursday.

Thursday evening, Dave flew back to Sydney while Mike and his wife Nancy headed up to Queensland, to meet with ITMS Software in Brisbane. They are a Revelation customer that produces an incredible manufacturing software suite used in hundreds of companies, and is continually expanding.

After a weekend spent seeing the sights of Queensland, Mike and Nancy flew to Auckland and were met by Richard Bright, Revelation’s man in New Zealand. After a day of work and preparation, on Wednesday there was a user group meeting for our New Zealand customers and users. Again, there were about twenty attendees, and the program was similar to Sydney: Introductions of attendees, Revelation plans, O4W training, and BRW training. After the end of the meeting Mike and Nancy climbed into a taxi, and began the long trip back to home.

Based upon a surge in orders, downloads of upgrades, and evaluation copies of OpenInsight, the trip was a rousing success. We thank all of our friends and customers for making the trip as pleasant and enjoyable as it could be. We can’t wait to come back.