Another round of Revelation Roadshow trips to seven US cities has ended, with over a hundred developers and users learning about what Revelation Software is doing right now, and planning for the future. 

Mike Ruane, President of Revelation Software, visited Westwood, NJ; Seattle; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Houston; Chicago; and Boston during a two-week period at the end of June 2006.

At each of the cities, Mike spoke with and met some of the users and developers located in that area. Some traveled pretty far- from Vancouver, BC to Seattle, or in one case, from Toronto to Boston! Before the show formally began there were meetings and discussions between developers, consultants, and users, as well as some questions and comments for Mike regarding Revelation. 

When the show formally began, Mike discussed the reasons for the RoadShows- to let their customers know what Revelation is working on, to let them see what Revelation is working on, and to give the users an idea of Revelation’s future plans. A quick status report of the company, current marketing and partner plans, and work in progress on OpenInsight 8.0, Arev32 (a 32-bit console version of Advanced Revelation), CTO (Character to OpenInsight), and the Universal Driver Heavy (UDH) followed. After a quick break, the show continued with demonstrations of the work to date.

These demonstrations proved most fruitful. Users and developers were able to see the work to date, and offer suggestions on what changes should be made. In fact some of these changes were made between shows, so that the next group were able to see the improvements asked for by a previous group. Some features planned for OpenInsight 8.0 that were most appreciated were drag and drop within OI forms and tools, the new Banded Report Writer, and the new SYSVOC (a VOC-type file for OpenInsight) and extended TCL commands.

The show wrapped up in each city with a question and answer period, as well as Mike thanking the attendees again for coming to the show. We at Revelation truly appreciate the attendees for taking time out of their busy schedules to come to the shows and participate. 

The Road Shows will continue in mid-July with shows in Sydney and Melbourne Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and later in London, England.