Seattle Spectrum and SAPUG Wrap-up

On October 19th and 20th 2005 Revelation Software attended the regional International Spectrum Show in Seattle, and closed out the trip by presenting to the Seattle Area Pick Users Group, known as SAPUG.

As the Spectrum show began, Mike Ruane, President of Revelation Software, was a panel member in a session entitled Microsoft’s .NET – Is it a Good Fit for Your MultiValue Enterprise?‘ During the session a panel of MultiValue professionals discussed the pros and cons of using .Net in their MultiValue applications. The session was well attended, and a number of intriguing questions were asked.

The .Net Panel

At a later session that same day Mike also gave a presentation entitled ‘Revelation Software - Corporate Update’. In this session Mike outlined Revelation’s accomplishments over the past few years, and the plans for the future.

Wednesday evening found Bob Catalano and Mike Ruane working the Vendor Fair. During the Vendor Fair, Bob showed numerous interested parties Revelation’s latest product, the Character to OpenInsight tool, or CTO. The CTO allows users of other MultiValue applications who are still running in green screen mode to migrate to OpenInsight with a minimum amount of work. Use of the CTO decreases their costs tremendously because Revelation’s licensing fees are the lowest in the MultiValue world. All those who saw the demonstrations were very impressed.

Getting email before the Vendor Fair

Thursday morning started with Mike Ruane partnering with Mike McGuane of Mikron Industries in giving a talk on RFID - Radio Frequency Identification – the what, why and how of the technology. Although RFID technology is in its infancy of being implemented, the possibilities for MultiValue developers in creating and managing the middleware for these applications is great and should be exploited. Interested developers should begin to get more information on RFID technology.

Bob Catalano then gave a talk entitled ‘Converting, Migrating, or Front-Ending Applications and Data for use with OpenInsight’ which again showcased the CTO from OpenInsight. MultiValue developers in attendance were very impressed.

Bob Catalano readies for his presentation

Finally, that evening Mike Ruane was the featured speaker at the SAPUG October meeting. After a cocktail hour and dinner, Mike Ruane gave a brief review of the history of Revelation Software and the MultiValue world, and then gave a live demonstration of the CTO tool. In real time a MultiValue application was restored into OpenInsight from a R83 compliant virtual account save, where it created a new application, converted the dictionary items, and compiled the programs for use in OpenInsight. He then demonstrated running the green screen application in the CTO, how locking worked between the green screen application and OpenInsight, and how GUI applications could be developed against the same data. Mike also stressed the cost savings (no annual runtime license fees and no middleware) that the MultiValue developers would realize when they moved to OpenInsight. The attendees were tremendously excited, and quickly saw the potential in the CTO.

Mike Ruane’s CTO Presentation

As always, it was a very successful trip. We enjoy going to Seattle, the city where Revelation was founded as Cosmos back in 1982, and we always find more people who use Revelation products, used them in the past, or worked for the company. We look forward to coming back again.

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