Revelation Software made another appearance at a regional Face-to-Face (F2F) show in Seattle in late November. The F2F shows usually bring together companies such as Revelation Software with smaller, local companies allowing them to meet with and see products offered by those companies. Revelation Software was there showing the attendees some of the features of our next release, OpenInsight version 7.1. 

With the show being held in Seattle, the city where Revelation was founded over 20 years ago, we had a large number of current and former users come by the stand. Most were impressed with the product and took home an evaluation version of the software. A number of current OpenInsight users came by and offered suggestion and good wishes for the next release. We also had a number of former employees come by the booth, including Breanna Anderson, one of the original architects of OpenInsight. She was quite impressed with the way that the product had evolved, and even offered some insights to planned features buried in the core of the product.

Revelation Software was also giving away at the booth evaluation copies of TimeKeeper, an OpenInsight-based timesheet and billing application written by WinWin Solutions, Revelation Software’s parent company. As we have stated in the past, we want to help those companies with OpenInsight-based applications, and this was an easy and obvious way to do so. If you or your company would like to have Revelation offer evaluation copies of your product at trade shows, contact us at 800 262 4747.

Overall the show was well attended with over 600 people coming by the booth. Many evaluation copies of OpenInsight were given away, and many former users may become current users again. For us, the show was a success.