Recently, Revelation Software made a foray into the Pacific NorthWest to attend the Interface 2004 show in Portland, Oregon. Interface is a series of one-day conferences “Bringing Buyers and Sellers of Technology Face-to-Face” with a common theme for each show based on the needs of the local IT community. 

The Portland show was well attended, with close to 600 people, over 50 vendors and numerous presentations that were given throughout the day. The Revelation booth was visited by both the curious and the incredulous. “A software company that has been around for 20 years?” and “Are you related to Advanced Revelation” were common, as well as “I spent a number of years working with Advanced Revelation. Tell me more about OpenInsight.” And “What development capabilities does your tool provide?” 

To the people who had not heard of Revelation, they were very impressed with all the features and capabilities in “OpenInsight, The Application Developer’s Toolkit.” For those who were familiar with RevG, Advanced Revelation or older versions of OpenInsight, they were blown away by the additional capabilities that are built into OpenInsight 7.x. In some cases, attendees needed to be shown themselves that the software could do what we claimed.

To some attendees, the most impressive feature about OpenInsight (actually OIL – OpenInsight for Linux) was the fact that an application that had a proven track record could be run on a number of Linux platforms, without needing Microsoft interaction at all. 

The day was a success for all concerned, except for the small altercation between an OpenSource advocate and a Enterprise Security consultant near the shrimp-dip table.

There will be two more Interface 2004 Conferences this year - one in Boise, ID and the other in Seattle WA. Revelation Software will be in attendance at both. Check out the Revelation On-The-Road schedule on the website for more details.