Feb 22, 2017


MultiValue database technology is constantly evolving and expanding, with support for more languages, features for security and compliance, and new integrations.
In the annual MultiValue Special Report, this year, DBTA asks: What are the features, capabilities, and integrations that will be important for MultiValue customers and help expand MultiValue’s role in increasingly demanding data environments?
Mike Ruane, President and CEO, Revelation Software
At Revelation Software, we are incorporating features, capabilities, and integrations into OpenInsight (our MultiValue database development environment) to address the challenges of evolving data environments.
We are providing MV developers with a browser-based rapid application development tool that lets them generate responsive forms, reports, and dashboards, and we are supporting the “develop once and deploy to the desktop, tablet, or a mobile device” design philosophy.
With a development environment that tightly integrates with the Git source code management system, we offer an environment that allows for collaborative development teams as well as source code management.
Moreover, our database development environment seamlessly integrates with cloud databases. Building applications that utilize NoSQL cloud-based data storage allows us to support large numbers of concurrent users, deliver highly responsive experiences to a globally distributed base of users, provide high availability, and also handle semi-structured and unstructured data.
Enhancing usability, OpenInsight offers a development user interface within MV that is similar to what developers outside the MV world are accustomed to, provides a database environment that utilizes industry-standard AES encryption and policies, and enables end users who work with MV data stores to view their data in today’s BYOD world.
Below is the response from other MV Executives: