Westwood, NJ. – December 19, 2011
Revelation Software today announced the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI) 9.3. OI 9.3 provides the following new components:

Data Encryption at Rest (RTIDER) – OpenInsight version 9.3 incorporates a new encryption service that system administrators can deploy to encrypt (on a field by field level) data in OpenInsight. The data will be “encrypted at rest” using industry standard encryption routines. Clients and the encryption service use the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to communicate, thus allowing the data to be encrypted in transit. Through the use of an Encryption Server (normally, but not necessarily, the same machine as the Universal Driver server), each OpenInsight workstation seamlessly and securely encrypts data for storage when written into an encrypted volume.

OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.2) – This version of O4W includes many enhancements to the API’s, Form, Report, Dashboard and Menu wizards. O4W v1.2 also provides additional support for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Support for these mobile devices have been implemented as a series of additional API’s that can be used in building O4W stored procedures. Using jQuery Mobile, the companion library to O4W’s jQuery, web pages can be built that follow the design styling that is now becoming the standard on smaller devices.

Banded Report Writer – The original Banded Report Writer (BRW) has been replaced using technology based on the C1Report tool from ComponentOne. The OI BRW supports powerful and easy-to-use banded reports that are compatible with Access and Crystal models.

Extended math functions – OI 9.3 includes new extended math functions: _addx, _subx, _mulx and _divx. These functions allow developers to perform math operations using full precision or a specified precision.

OI for D3/mvBase Connector – The OI for D3 connector provides the ability to connect with both the D3 and mvBase databases from TigerLogic Corporation.

“Our connection technology has truly made OpenInsight a versatile front-end graphical database development environment”, said Mike Ruane, President/CEO Revelation Software, “Whether your back-end database is Linear Hash, U2, D3, mvBase, OpenQM, NoSQL or SQL our tool set leverages MultiValue skills with modern technology.

Also included in the OI 9.3 release are enhancements to the following components: System Editor++, Database Manager, Basic+, O4W,, Arev32, Table Builder, Report Builder, IDE, RDK, U2 Connector, SQL Connector, and Module Management.

“Data encryption and mobile computing are fast becoming essential requirements with any application development”, said Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software. “We are empowering our development community with one of the best mobile computing and data encryption toolkits on the market.”

We at Revelation Software want to wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season. Once again it has been a very busy and productive year at Revelation Software which started with the releaseof OpenInsight 9.2.1 in February and culminated with the release of OpenInsight 9.3 this month. It was also a pleasure to meet with many of you at our Users' Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada in October. Rumor has it that our next Conference will be held in late Spring 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Winter/Spring 2012 Training Calendar has been published. ClickHERE for the Class schedule.

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