One of the new features added to the SYSTEM object is the “IDLEPROC queue”.  This is an enhancement to the existing IDLEPROC property as it allows you to queue multiple requests via the new SYSTEM ADDIDLEPROC method like so:

* // Run a process in the future 
procArg  = "42"
procTime = "12:00:00"  ; * // midday
procDate = oconv( date() + 1, "D4/" ) ; * // tommorrow

call exec_Method( "SYSTEM", "ADDIDLEPROC", procID, procArg, procTime, procDate )

* // Run a process ASAP...
procArg = "X43"
procTime = "" ; * // ASAP
procDate = "" ; * // ASAP

call exec_Method( "SYSTEM", "ADDIDLEPROC", procID, procArg, procTime, procDate )

The contents of the queue can be examined via the new SYSTEM IDLEPROCQUEUE property:

ipQ    = get_Property( "SYSTEM", "IDLEPROCQUEUE" )
xCount = fieldCount ( ipQ, @fm ) 
for x = 1 to xCount
   ip       = ipQ<x>
   procID   = ipQ<0,1>
   procArg  = ipQ<0,2>
   procTime = ipQ<0,3>
   procDate = ipQ<0,4>

The normal IDLEPROC property works just as it always has done with the following caveats:

  • Setting the IDLEPROC property will replace the entire contents of the queue (so you can use this to clear the queue if you wish).
  • Getting the IDLEPROC property will only return the first item in the queue if there are multiple items.

(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).