These two new methods allow you to show or hide a form along with a simple fading or sliding animation.  Each method takes a single parameter which specifies the type of animation to apply:

Effect Value Description
-1 or null Use the default effect value as set in the Form Designer
0 No effect
1 Fade Effect (cannot be used with MDI Child forms)
2 Slide Down
3 Slide Up
4 Slide Right
5 Slide Left
6 Slide Down and Right
7 Slide Down and Left
8 Slide Up and Right
9 Slide Up and Left

E.g. For a “pop-up toast” style notification dialog you could use the following effects:

exec_Method( @window, "SHOW", 3 ); Slide open from bottom to top
exec_Method( @window, "HIDE", 2 ); Slide closed from top to bottom

[Edit: 24 Apr 13 – Call_Method renamed to Exec_Method]

(Disclaimer: This article is based on preliminary information and may be subject to change in the final release version of OpenInsight 10).