Universal Driver NUL v5.1

In conjunction with the release of OpenInsight 10.0, Revelation Software will also release the Universal Driver 5.1.  The Universal Driver NUL 5.1 will only be compatible with OpenInsight 9.4 and above, and the service can coexist with earlier versions of the Universal Driver on the same server.   The Universal Driver NUL v5.1 will be included at no additional cost with the purchase of OI 10 licensing.

OpenInsight 9.4 users who have the Universal Driver 4.7.x or Universal Driver 4.7.x NUL may upgrade to the Universal Driver 5.1 for $995.00.

Features and Benefits

Latest Communication Technology - The Universal Driver 5.1 utilizes the latest communication libraries to provide robust, reliable service between the UD server and its clients.

64-bit - The Universal Driver 5.1 may only be installed on 64-bit versions of Windows Operating Systems (e.g. Server 2008, Server 2012 or Server 2016).

Secure communications option - If desired, the communications channel between the UD server and its clients can be SSL encrypted, preventing unauthorized interception of sensitive information.

Authenticated clients option - If desired, only explicitly authorized client software can connect to the UD server over a secure SSL channel.

Connection Retry - If the communication link between the client and server is temporarily lost, and then restored, the client will attempt to reconnect and resume normal operations.

VSS friendly - The UD 5.1 is VSS (Volume Snapshot Service) aware and can thus be backed up with minimal disruption to normal operations.

Controllable Resizing - The UD 5.1 (through the OpenInsight UD console) can have its "resizing thread" programmatically disabled and re-enabled.  This allows high-volume installations to disable resizing during peak processing times, improving performance.

Customizable Write Flags - An optional registry setting can now be specified to control the flags that Windows uses when opening LK/OV files, allowing sites to customize the behavior for their individual needs.

Linux (planned) or Windows Implementation - The UD 5.1 can be installed on either Windows or Linux servers.

Links and Documentation

Revelation Universal Driver NUL 5.1 Installation Guide

Revelation Universal Driver NUL 5.1 Readme

Software Downloads

Universal Driver NUL 5.1 for OI10_Setup Files - This is a 64-bit server side installation for use with OpenInsight 10.  The Universal Driver NUL 5.1 allows files from OpenInsight 10 and OpenInsight 9.4 to share the same Universal Driver.  This version has been updated with the latest ACE libraries.  Management of the Universal Driver is done via the OI Console.