The O4W QSG (OpenInsight for Web Quick Start Guide) videos give you the knowledge to start working with the OpenInsight web tools. The next 9 videos introduce you to web development by first enabling your OpenInsight system for web development and then demonstrating each of the primary O4W features you are likely to need during your development process. Videos by Martyn Phillips of RevSoft UK

Setting up O4W

O4W 2.0 - WYSIWYG Web Forms Designer

O4W QSG - Lesson 1

O4W QSG - Lesson 2 - User Interface and Menus

O4W QSG - Lesson 3 - Creating Forms (Part 1)

O4W QSG - Lesson 4 - Populating Listboxes

O4W QSG - Lesson 5 - Creating Forms (Part 2)

O4W QSG - Lesson 6 - Creating Reports

O4W QSG - Lesson 7 - Working with Dictionaries

O4W QSG - Lesson 8 - Finishing Up

O4W QSG - Lesson 9 - Dashboards

Report Wizard Demonstration

Create browser-based interactive reports in just minutes using the O4W Report Wizard. This 10 minute video explains the report wizard options, how to choose report fields, and set sort and search options. As a final demonstration step the generated report layout is modified by hand without the report wizard. All steps are completed without writing any code yet still result in useful and customizable results. The demonstration report is built from a TigerLogic D3 example database but any OpenInsight compatible database can be used.